The Cut Dress Code and Etiquette

Dress Code

At The Cut Golf Course, we believe in maintaining a standard of excellence both on and off the course. Enhance your golfing experience with our Dress Code & Etiquette guidelines.

On the Course Attire

  • Dress shorts are permitted for a comfortable round of golf.
  • Say no to jeans, denim, or tracksuits – let's keep it refined.
  • Board shorts and bathers may be perfect for the beach, but not on the greens.
  • For the love of the course, golf shoes with non-metal soft spikes are a must. Sports sneakers are permitted but only if they're gentle on the green.
  • Socks are not just a style statement, they are compulsory for every golfer.

Bar and Kitchen Attire

  • Neat dress is the order of the day when you step into our bar and kitchen.
Dress Code
Golf Etiquette

Golf Etiquette

Play the Game Respect the Rules

Play the Game, Respect the Rules

Understanding golfing etiquette is not just a game-changer; it's a game enhancer. Follow these guidelines to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable golf experience for yourself and your fellow golfers.

  • Arrive fifteen minutes before play – punctuality sets the tone for a great game.
  • Keep your group to a maximum of four players for optimal flow on the course.
  • Ensure each player has their own equipment – sharing might be caring, but not in golf.
  • Be open to welcoming others into your group if you have less than four players.
  • Be ready to tee off promptly – time is of the essence.
  • Wait for the golfers ahead of you to be out of range before taking your shot.
  • Maintain a reasonable pace – slow and steady may win the race, but not in golf.
  • Take care of the course – repair ball marks, replace divots, and rake bunkers.
  • Always replace the flag after use – it's a small gesture with a big impact.
  • Avoid pulling trolleys across the green – let's keep it smooth.
  • Allow faster groups to play through – maintaining pace ensures everyone enjoys their round.

At The Cut Golf Course, we believe that a commitment to both style and etiquette creates a harmonious golfing experience. Join us in upholding these standards and let every swing be a testament to the love of the game